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Balcony Pools in Mumbai

By • Feb 24th, 2012 • Category: Picture of the Day

Architect James Law designed a wonderful skyscraping residential complex in Mumbai, India which have a series of swimming pools placed within each balcony. Hands-down, it’s the coolest balcony I have ever seen!

30 Amazing Infinity Pools Around The World

By • Jan 18th, 2012 • Category: Latest Posts, Miscellaneous

If you’re suffering from winter blues and short, dark days are getting you down, then it’s time to take at least a virtual vacation and see some sunny pictures. To be more exact, let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful Infinity Pools Around The World.

Skull Chair [Pic]

By • Apr 13th, 2011 • Category: Creative Products, Picture of the Day

“Souviens toi que tu vas mourir” (remember that you will die) chair by Pool, from the “Nouvelle Vague (New Wave), the New French Domestic Landscape” exhibition at the Milan Design Furniture.