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Sunken Observation Platform Let’s You Walk Below Water’s Surface

By • Apr 1st, 2013 • Category: Architecture

Located in one of Vöcklabruck’s parks in Austria, this clever observation platform allows visitors to walk below the water’s surface without getting them wet. Well, maybe except when it rains, and the water level rises a bit. There’s also a Moses bridge in Netherlands.

Invisible Pedestrian Bridge in Netherlands

By • Nov 11th, 2011 • Category: Architecture, Latest Posts

Ro Koster and Ad Kil Architects built an almost invisible bridge for crossing the defensive fortress in Halsteren, the Netherlands. This amazing sunken bridge sits within the water and slope surrounding the 17th Century Dutch fort and gives visitors a unique opportunity to walk trough parted waters like Moses. When looking from afar, the bridge is almost invisible to the eye.