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Artist Folds Life-Sized Elephant Out Of Single Massive 50 x 50 ft Sheet Of Paper

By • Mar 14th, 2014 • Category: Art, Latest Posts, Sculpting

A paper airplane is pretty much the most complicated thing I can make by folding paper, which is what makes this grand piece of artwork by professional origami artist Sipho Mabona all the more impressive. This life-sized white elephant stands 3m (10 ft) tall and weighs a whopping 250kg (550lbs) – and it was all folded out of a single 15m x 15m (50ft x 50ft) sheet of paper.

Adorable Friendship Between Elephant and Dog Who Love Playing in the Water

By • Sep 17th, 2013 • Category: Animals, Latest Posts

This is one of the most adorable animal friendships that we’ve seen in a long time. Bubbles the African elephant and Bella the black Labrador, both residents at the Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina, have become the best of friends, and can often be seen playing in the water together. Pictures have been published of them playing fetch in the water – Bubbles throws the ball with her trunk while Bella jumps off of Bella’s head or back and swims to retrieve the ball.

Baby Elephant Cries Uncontrollably After His Mother Rejects Him

By • Sep 16th, 2013 • Category: Animals, Latest Posts

A baby elephant calf named Zhuang-zhuang wept uncontrollably for five hours after he had to be separated from his mother at the Shendiaoshan wildlife reserve in Rong-cheng, China. He had to be separated in order to save his life after his mother attacked him. Fortunately, he has been adopted by one of the zoo keepers.

Incredible Studio Portraits of Wild Animals by Brad Wilson

By • Dec 11th, 2012 • Category: Animals, Latest Posts, Photography

Usually wildlife photography is associated with capturing animals in their natural habitat, but photographer Brad Wilson brings new perspective to this. His series, called “Affinity”, exhibit close-up portraits of various wild animals taken in the studio. For many years Brad has been working with human models in New York and he felt, that switching to different species was a necessary journey for him to take. He says the title “Affinity” refers to the spontaneous feeling of connection that he experienced while working with these animal.

8 Heartbreaking Stories of Animal Prosthetics

By • Nov 19th, 2012 • Category: Animals, Latest Posts, Science

People have been applying prosthesis to help the handicapped ones ever since the Egyptians – but probably only recently we realized, we’re not the only ones suffering the pain on Earth. Check out some inspiring examples of the how people have helped the animals by fitting them with a prosthetic needed!

More than Human: Animal Portraits by Tim Flach

By • Nov 6th, 2012 • Category: Animals, Latest Posts, Photography

A renowned London-based photographer Tim Flach presents his work of seven years in an animal portrait book called “More than Humans”. By taking striking close-up shots of various animals, Tim attempts to demonstrate how close can animal gestures and poses get to those of the humans.

8 Reasons Why You Should Hang Out with an Elephant

By • Jan 19th, 2010 • Category: Funny, Latest Posts

Learn 8 reasons why elephant is probably the best friend you could ever have!