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Ballerina Wears Knife Shoes to Perform En Pointe

By • Aug 29th, 2013 • Category: Art, Latest Posts, Other

Ballerinas are often associated with beauty, grace, and elegant human forms. In his video En Puntas (‘On Points’), however, artist Javier Perez has managed to preserve all of these elements while also portraying the dark intensity, dedication and even violence that this graceful art form can represent. En Puntas features ballerina Amelie Segarra dancing the en pointe ballet technique (in which the performer typically dances on the points of their toes) on the tips of huge, menacing kitchen knives in an empty, darkened theater.

Mind-Blowing Dance by Marquese Scott

By • Sep 29th, 2011 • Category: Latest Posts, Miscellaneous

Normally, we do not post videos from youtube, but this time I just couldn’t resist the temptation to share this incredible dance video performed by Marquese Scott. Nicknamed “NONSTOP”, he is a 29 year old dancer from Lawrenceville, Georgia. At first, he looks like a normal guy, but once he gets up to dance you start questioning whether he is a human at all..