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25 Examples Of Artistic Watercolor Tattoos

By • Oct 1st, 2013 • Category: Art, Body Art, Latest Posts

Tattooing has been practiced by various peoples since ancient times, with evidence of tattoos dating back to the Neolithic period and possibly even earlier. Today, some people associate them with criminal behavior, others with symbolic meaning, and yet others with physical beauty. But whether you’re for or against the idea of getting a tattoo, you’ll be able to appreciate the masterful artistry that went into creating these beautiful and permanent pieces of body art.

Creepily Realistic Tattoos by Yomico Moreno

By • Mar 26th, 2012 • Category: Art, Featured, Latest Posts, Weird

Venezuelan tattoo artist Yomico Moreno creates some of the creepiest and most realistic muscle tissue and biomech tattoos you’ll ever see. Personally, I have no problem looking at these images, but after seeing my girlfriend’s reaction (I’ve never seen her so shocked) I think I have to put a warning. Caution: Some images may be too intense for some viewers, so if you are a sensitive person, please do not view this.