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Two Brothers Hilariously Re-Create Their Childhood Photos As A Gift For Their Mother

By • Jan 23rd, 2014 • Category: Funny, Latest Posts, Photography

Re-creating childhood photos has become somewhat of an internet trend, and this wonderful and hilarious calendar that the Luxton brothers prepared for their mother for Christmas is probably one of the best examples of this trend that we’ve seen. The premise is simple, and can be recreated by anyone – simply pick out some of your best or funniest childhood photos and do everything that you can to re-create them as an adult.

The Magic Show: Creative Couple Shows How To Make A Baby Out Of Thin Air

By • Oct 21st, 2013 • Category: Funny, Latest Posts, Photography

The latest in a recent flurry of excellent baby and maternity photo shoots is Daddy’s Little Prop, in which Anthony Stuart and his lovely associate (and wife) create a baby out of thin air. The shoot is set up to look like a traditional magic show, with Stuart in a magician’s getup and his wife dressed in a racy assistant’s outfit. The couple’s sense of humor is what makes the series to fun – the wife looks surprised (or shocked) at the baby inside of her, while the dad looks proud of his work.

Creative Mother Turns Her Son’s Baby Pics Into Cute Imaginary Adventures

By • Oct 1st, 2013 • Category: Funny, Latest Posts, Miscellaneous, Parenting

These baby photos, jazzed up by artist and new mother Amber Wheeler, are a pleasure to see. Wheeler took simple photos of her baby son dressed in white on a white background and drew in designs with a simple computer illustration program. They put her baby boy everywhere from the open road or a hot air balloon to the final frontier of space.

Mom Turns Her Baby’s Napping Positions Into Art

By • Nov 14th, 2012 • Category: Art, Drawing, Funny, Latest Posts, Parenting, Photography

Adele Emersen used to present herself as a copywriter & concept designer in advertising, but now she’s probably more famous for her maternity leave hobby – photographing her children while they sleep and then adding some adorable details to the pictures. This summer she photographed her baby with an iPhone, and then sketched some activities on top of the pictures. Minimalistic and nicely child-like, they are exactly what you wanna see in your childhood album once you grow up. Some moms just don’t know what it means to get lazy or bored!