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Sexual Color by Gabriel Wickbold

Meet Gabriel Wickbold, a young but super talented 25 year old artist from Brazil who takes the most colorful, sensual and expressive pictures you’ve ever seen.

Judging by his pictures he is not only very creative but also cruel. He could spill a whole bucket of paint on you just to get a perfect shot.

At first, we wanted to introduce him as a professional photographer but we soon found out it wouldn’t be 100% correct. Wanna know why? Read on!

“I’ve worked with many different artistic languages, started writing poetry, then became a musician. Also, graduated in TV broadcasting, never actually studied photography but at the same time I believe the photographic technique is so basic that what truly makes the difference is feeling and composition.

Photography has so much to do with my personality, it is fast, interacts with people, and responds instantly giving results.” (from the interview)

Without further ado we present you 20 breathtaking photos by Gabriel Wickbold.


All photos: ©Gabriel Wickbold

P.S.: don’t forget to comment! It only takes a few seconds to do so, while Gabriel spent hours doing these shots

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What do you think?

  • giulio


  • mitch

    i’ve seen better. would like to see more pussy though.


    Great poses. Interesting colors. #20 is definitely my favorite.

  • weasel

    wow! really awesomeee!!!

  • pan

    this are sick. being her model must be insane.

  • Kostoglotov

    4-11-12 are my favorites. I think there’s too many pics where you don’t feel the paint.

    Je crois que dans certaines photos nous ne sentons pas assez bien la peinture par rapport au modèle.

  • Tillie

    LOVE the texture and contract in #5!

  • idarmadi

    Stunning…… :D Excellent.

  • anya_da

    brilliant work!!

  • Katt

    Amazing work!

  • Kate

    These are absolutely stunning!

  • Lady

    Number 12 looks like a woman made out of chocolate, melting.

  • Ddk

    Are these pictures after c*mshot by 15 inches abnormal black d*cks in an orgy??…..

  • Benito27


  • BuckRodgers

    Number 16 looks like a topless woman’s gatorade commercial.

  • nostradumbass

    I really like these, they’re not the sort of art I would ever usually feel the appreciation for, but there’s something which I really like about them.
    to be fair, crazy as I may sound, I wouldn’t half mind being one of the mental models for this photographer – it’s something different that is trying to break the mould, and I think it would feel quite good being involved in it – part of the feeling seems to be the shock or emotion of the piece as they ‘receive’ the next step of colour :)

    Definitely one I would like to keep an eye out for in the future..

    Oh yeah, and to those complaining not nude enough, just go visit some porn sites, or find the body painting stuff instead, I’m sure that’l titillate you enough :)

  • O_Amande

    Excellent ! C’est vraiment très très bien fait !

  • ChrisFACE

    #1 is my favorite in terms of composition, color, light and shadow, but the subject squinting distracts me. Though I understand he “flinched” sort of speak as a reflex to avoid paint in his eyes I still would have loved to see the contrast between the paint color and his eyes.

    #16 is the one I would most want hanging on the wall of my home. It’s sexy with out being perverted or pornographic, the dark glistening skin of the model with her large dark nipples contrasted against the beautiful yellows is amazing! It’s art, it’s fashion, it’s right up my ally. I could see this in Harpers Bazzar or French Vogue

  • zi

    booooooooooooooooring, # 14 is the only one i could think of hanging in my home

  • Anonymous

    brown on white looks like poo

  • Anonymous

    brown on white looks like poo

Author:   Date posted: Mar 31st, 2010
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