The goofy photographer is back! After a weird but hilarious Scotch Tape photography series, Mexico-based photographer Wes Naman has created a new one, called Rubber Band. The bizarre photos were born when Wes decided to invite some Albuquerque local music scene musicians to pose for a portrait shoot. Little did they know, there were going to be some conditions – the models had to compress and reshape their faces with rubber band. And, judging from the volumes of the photo gallery, they didn’t oppose the idea much! [Read more...]

I bet you know the expression “beautiful ugly”. Well, Rubber Band is just plain ugly. Distorted faces, suspended in a very freaky way, don’t offer much of aesthetics or attractiveness for the eye. However, the seemingly painful and monstrous expressions do make you smirk at least a little. Be sure to check the behind-the-scenes footage so you know how the whole thing works.

Enjoy the ugly and weird!


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