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Amazing Sand Drawings on California Beaches

American sand artist Jim Denevan (born 1961) spends hours to create the most beautiful and probably the most impermanent drawings on the North California beaches.

A surfer, and a self-taught chef creates his breathtaking geometric sand sculptures freehand with a length of driftwood during the period of low tide.

Over the past 17 years Jim has composed hundreds of unique sand drawings at beach locations in California and around the world, however you can only see them in pictures as they last only as long as the next high tide.

So, if you ever wonder what to do with your spare time on the beach – just find a good stick and you’re set.

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If you like Denevan’s works, also check out Snow Drawings by Sonja Hinrichsen and Sand Drawings by Andres Amador.

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  • blog_espion

    Amazing sand drawings on California beaches.

  • blog_espion

    Amazing sand drawings on California beaches.

  • Dan

    amazing and incredible, well done and good job.

  • Eexploria-Blogger

     wow!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!

  • Poopoopies

    how and why?

  • Billiard

    I liked the 3d ones

  • aLEXA

    ALIEN!!! o.o

Author:   Date posted: Jul 20th, 2011
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