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Artificial Urban Glaciers in Enschede

Cities often like to hide natural streams with concrete instead of showing their natural beauty. However, the City of Enschede in Netherlands together with Buro Sent En Co decided to do the opposite. To the delight of Enschede residents, the small stream, which gives its name to the Roombeek street and has in the past flowed underground, has been restored and brought up to the surface again.

“Roombeek is a commercial street and also the urban core of the district. Now the water is part of the urban environment and has become the district’s new central point.”

“Its asymmetrical design, which widens and narrows along the street, accentuates its different spatial features. The base of the stream is treated with a rough structure that reduces the flowing speed of the water and creates a constant reflective pattern on the water surface. A distinctive composition of sharp edged stepping stones refers to the randomness of natural processes and is also a reference to the fireworks explosion.”


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  • Bart Jonker via Facebook

    Yvette Bosch en Maurice Van Lier check dit. Bij jullie voor de deur!

  • Sandeep Sandy via Facebook

    naturl plan its encrgble futre

  • Maurice Van Lier via Facebook

    Haha this is in front of our house! :)

  •ály/100000579321932 Julianna Sirály via Facebook

    Good idea!

Author:   Date posted: Feb 28th, 2012
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