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More Amazing Pumpkin Carvings by Ray Villafane

Last year we showed you some terrifyingly cool carved pumpkins by American sculptor Ray Villafane, and now he’s back with some new pumpkin faces!

His pumpkin carving career started back at Michigan School called Bellaire where he used to be an art teacher. Once he was asked to help out with Halloween decorations at school, and given a pumpkin to carve. Ray saw it as any another piece of clay as opposed to a large vegetable and by using his common clay carving tools, created his first artistic pumpkin. The kids loved it so much that they kept bringing him new pumpkins and Ray would get more and more creative.

Ray then showcased his skills on the Food Network’s Challenge Show, and his overnight success allowed him to resign from teaching in 2006 to pursue a full time sculpting career. Despite all of the big name products Ray was sculpting, the public seemed to be most intrigued with his on going pumpkin carvings. Ray has been featured on many TV shows including The CBS Evening News and in 2010 Ray was even invited to carve pumpkins at the White House!


Older works:

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  • Faye Sharpe via Facebook

    Not lanterns but love ‘em all the same.

  • Kevin Mcnamara via Facebook

    Fantastic. Such wit and skill.

  • Elena

    Cool! Klasse! Wunderbar! Здóрово!

  • rushma


  • aylin küçük

    Perfect and amazing job. Congragulations!…

  • Michael Rombach via Facebook

    Unglaublich, dass das Kürbisfleisch sich derartig bearbeiten lässt. Die Pracht ist leider sehr vergänglich.

  • tedy

    you are amazingly perfect

  • DL

    Wish I had even a smidgeon of the talent that this guy has…A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Author:   Date posted: Oct 29th, 2012
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