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Hidden Railing Street Art That Can Only Be Seen From Certain Angle

German street art duo Zebrating has been raising eyebrows with their unconventional and innovative street art designs. The deisgns are only fully visible from certain angles, effectively hiding them in plain sight. Zebrating achieve this unique effect by designing their art such that it would be painted on the sides of railing and fence supports.

Amazingly Intricate Pencil Tip Sculptures by Diem Chau

The technical skill of some artists is truly incredible – these beautiful tiny sculptures have been painstakingly carved on the tip of a pencil lead, something that I routinely snap by accident with my clumsy fingers. These skillful miniature sculptures are the work of Diem Chau, an American artist who left Vietnam as a refugee in 1986. The pencil series features miniature organic forms, primarily depicting animals and figures.

An Unusual Friendship Between A Sparrow And A 12-Year-Old Boy

Cats and dogs have been some of mankind’s best friends from the animal kingdom since ancient times, but under special circumstances, close and loving friendships can form between us and other wild animals. Such is the case with Vadim Veligurov, a 12-year-old boy in Russia who befriended a wild sparrow.

25 Examples Of Artistic Watercolor Tattoos

Tattooing has been practiced by various peoples since ancient times, with evidence of tattoos dating back to the Neolithic period and possibly even earlier. Today, some people associate them with criminal behavior, others with symbolic meaning, and yet others with physical beauty. But whether you’re for or against the idea of getting a tattoo, you’ll be able to appreciate the masterful artistry that went into creating these beautiful and permanent pieces of body art.

Creative Mother Turns Her Son’s Baby Pics Into Cute Imaginary Adventures

These baby photos, jazzed up by artist and new mother Amber Wheeler, are a pleasure to see. Wheeler took simple photos of her baby son dressed in white on a white background and drew in designs with a simple computer illustration program. They put her baby boy everywhere from the open road or a hot air balloon to the final frontier of space.