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30 Of The Happiest Facts Ever

Bad news sells, so the media tends to focus on the negative things ignoring some of the things that make the world a better place. That’s why we want to share this list of 30 happy facts to remind you about the bright side of life. What’s better than knowing that somewhere out there in the world, sea otters are holding hands, cows have best friends, and that there are monkeys in Japan that buy snacks from vending machines with change?

Artist Uses Perspective, Miniature Car Models And A $250 Camera To Create Realistic Historical Photos

Michael Paul Smith is the perfect example of an artist with a passion for what he does. For the last 25 years, he has spent some of his spare and much of his professional time making miniature models and photographing them, creating a gallery of vintage car photographs from a fictional 1950s American town called Elgin Park.

Stay-At-Home Mom Makes Creative Lunches For Her Kids, Becomes Internet Star

Anyone who takes care of kids, especially their parents, knows just how hard it can sometimes be to get kids to eat right. When Malaysian mommy Samantha Lee came up with playful story-themed bento lunchboxes to get her kids to eat right, she had no idea they would also catapult her to internet fame. Lee began making the creative story- and pop culture-inspired lunches in 2008, when pregnant with her second daughter.

13 Stunning Pictures Celebrating The Beautiful Colors Of Fall

To celebrate the fall season, we’ve got a beautiful collection of photos that highlight the last explosion of beautiful color before the coming winter. Whether you’re sitting at your computer with warm socks and some coffee or sitting outside with your laptop enjoying the weather, these images will help give you a double dose of this beautiful season.

Girls’ Favorite Things Brought Together: Hot Guys and Kittens (PART II)

Men and cats. This is the simple recipe that has used to achieve great success. Some of the greatest ideas in the world are brilliant in their simplicity – take a beautiful man and put him next to a cute kitty. How could it not work? Even if you’re not turned on by these handsome hunks, you can enjoy the playful and well-matched pairings of images. The kitties are chosen to match the mens’ clothing, colors and poses – sometimes a pair will manage to have all of these match.