These are some pictures that make you think… But not in a usual way! Think Invisible is a unique technique that can turn any picture into an optical illusion and at the same time – a simple yet fun game. The idea is based on the phenomenon invented by Gaetano Kanizsa to show the power of Gestalt psychology, which says that our brain has it’s own self-organizing tendencies. [Read more...]

Inspired by Kanizsa, we went on experimenting with the technique and created a lot of riddles to show you how deep-rooted the logos, cartoon characters and other pop cultural visual elements that surrounds us are. By employing this technique, a Think Invisible picture only lets you see the most important bits, forcing your brain to uncover and complete the rest!

By creating these images, we aim to change your perception about how important the tiny details really are in any given picture. You can find more than 50 puzzles on our blog, or download ThinkInvisible – The Game to your phone (available on iOS, and coming soon to Android & Windows Phone).

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