Since I can remember, I was curious about the world around me. As a child I used to take apart almost any mechanical toy and investigate how it works. As I got older, I read encyclopedias just for fun. I was one of those annoying kids who ask a lot of questions and then share their knowledge with everyone around, interested or not. Luckily, I was also good at sports and I have a severe ADHD, so I guess I wasn't the typical nerd.

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I always felt the urge to create and the concept to combine my two true loves, science and art together to create meaningful jewelry was there for along time. Finally, four years ago, I decided to make the dream come true and to bring Delftia science jewelry to the world.

Delftia science jewelry is my attempt to combine two of my greatest loves.

Although it is really important to me that my pieces would be first and foremost beautiful and wearable jewelry, It is also very important that my creations will have a "say". I call my jewelry a "conversations starters", people actually ask questions and it is a great way to communicate and spread science.

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#3 Golden Spiral In A Circle, Fibonacci Spiral

Golden Spiral In A Circle, Fibonacci Spiral

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若韵 雷 4 months ago

Love this one,, particularly because four are combined to fit the circular frame.

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#5 Anatomical Heart With Blood Type Drop

Anatomical Heart With Blood Type Drop

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AspieGirl88 4 months ago

I'm not 100% sure about the anatomical heart symbol, as it isn't everyone's cup of tea (though it doesn't bother me personally, as I've seen a LOT of gore in my lifetime & a silver charm is nothing in comparison). I do think it might be a good idea to wear the "blood-type drop", though; in case you ever need a blood transfusion in an emergency, because you really don't know when the occasion may call for it. I know they'd be able to get it from your medical file, but the point is usually to get the transfusion in the fastest amount of time in order to save lives. I've been in a life-&-death situation before, where they needed to rush everything because I was a hair's breadth from dying (on life-support/in a coma & everything; so, a transfusion was just one of these requirements). Luckily, I survived without this piece of jewellery to help paramedics; but I'm sure others weren't as lucky to be saved in time. Sorry if this sounds preachy, but I thought it would be food for thought... ✨💭✨

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#6 Dna Earrings

Dna Earrings

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Socially Awkward 4 months ago

I want these sooooo badly!

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#8 Earth Globe

Earth Globe

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Aileen Liu 4 months ago

That's not just an Earth globe, though. That is the United Nations logo...

#9 Brain


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Dorene Garcia 4 months ago

Loving this brain necklace.

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