I’ve always wanted a hammock chair but this was impossible since I live in a tiny NYC apartment. When we were in Mexico, we saw a bunch of hammocks for sale and my boyfriend Erik said “let’s get one”. “But where would we put it?” I asked. Then he said he will build a stand for me and I laughed it off.

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Well he bought the hammock chair anyways and as we carried it back to NYC, I figured it would just be stuck under the bed somewhere. Then back in NYC, he showed me a design of this stand, then he started purchasing all these different parts and putting the pieces together and it was all coming together.

This is a 3-in-1 stand where the hammock can be clipped off so that he can do pull ups and dips. It’s a great use of space and I just had to share. I hope that others can share their designs and not limit themselves because of space. Now if I can only convince him to add beach sand for the floor…

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