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Artist Shows his Progression from 2 Years old to 25

Some artists begin creating masterpieces purely by accident or as an unintended outcome of something else, but Hong Kong born artist Marc Allante has been dedicated ever since he was 2 years old. Seeing how popular his recent lion painting was, the artist decided to show the 25 years it took to get there.  Starting with the portraits of his grandma (“oma”) and grandpa (“opa”), the stream ends with a fascinating colorful lion, drawn at the age of 25.

Marc’s work today is a modernist fusion of Eastern and Western art traditions, as the guy has lived in Sydney and London as well, and is of French and Chinese ancestry. He mostly uses colorful dripping wet ink and combines it with minimalistic black silhouettes. Curiously, Martin never attended any art school and is completely self-taught. Seeing his dedication since he was a toddler, why would you need a teacher?


Age 2

Age 3

Age 4

Age 5

Age 6

Age 7

Age 8

Age 9

Age 10

Age 11

Age 13

Age 14

Age 15

Age 16

Age 17 and 18

Age 19

Age 20

Age 22

Age 23

Age 24

Age 25

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  • Karate Panda via Facebook

    wow, just wow!
    karate panda approves!

  • Caitlin Rothwell via Facebook

    This is the kind of thing I LIVE for! :)*<3

  • Dahlia Alnajjar via Facebook

    Wow, indeed!

  • Ann Fillmore via Facebook


  • Jessica Barton via Facebook


  • Caitlin Rothwell via Facebook

    This is so beautiful it makes me shed a few tears. It is a beautiful thing to have a succession of artwork such as this. I have had many discussion with many friends mourning the loss of artworks past as if we had lost a loved one. To see the progression of an artist, through the artwork itself… is extraordinary! It’s amazing how at age 2 not only did he capture the faces of his grandparents, but he also captured the expression! :) The quintessential “Oh No, Baby! What are you doing now?!” face that all adults make around babies (apparently often enough that when a baby was able to draw, it drew a charichature such as this. :) I am so pleased with this article… I must go into the art room and paint1 * AWAAAY!*

  • Louise Branquart via Facebook


  • Pontip Vongsengdeuane via Facebook


  • Don Dougie

    Cool! but where’s the source? Where did you find that?

    • Bored Panda

      There’s a link in the article: “artist decided to show the 25 years”

  • Laila Kjærgaard

    Nice. Loooove the Lion

  • Mohamed Ben Thebet via Facebook

    practice makes perfect … this is well known

  • Susan Organek via Facebook

    So interesting !

  • Pavel Sokov

    How exactly do artists begin creating masterpieces by accident? That has happened 0 times. There are no masterpieces created without decades of deliberate practice, because nobody is a master without decades of deliberate practice.

    Art is not a fluffy accident, it is a real serious trade with a large learning curve.

  • Buusi

    I bet your parents are artists…

  • Patty Mathews Augeri via Facebook


  • Ervince Monterde

    The matador was the best. the colors were stupendous!

  • nuhara

    most of people level up faster in 14 – 17 years old.. if we practice something during that age we could be very good in it when adults. anybody can be artist as long as they practice!

Author:   Date posted: Feb 18th, 2013
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