It’s been a while since I posted some of photos of my children. I am in a constant need of searching for new inspirations for next shots. The main source of my ideas are fairy tales, cartoons, movies for children, as it is the only way to “convince” my kids to act naturally.

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I prepared two session based on Barbara’s favourite stories – in this way she was able to be a part of the tale (for at least 10 minutes). As she is not a traveller kind of a girl, the session had to take place within the close area of our home (just to keep her in good mood). The Merida’s photosession had been planned way ahead before the costume was made. My brother’s in-laws’ garden is full of wonderful spots (the Merida’s Scottish tower is only one of many).

The costumes were entirely prepared by me (with the help of Peter – the carpenter, who was responsible for cutting the bow out of a piece of wood). And the lovely dress of Little Red Riding Hood – which cost less than 1$ in a second-hand shop.

And as for the preparations… It took a couple of hours to cope with Barbara’s blonde hair and turn it into Merida’s red one. Thank you Photoshop…

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Little Red Riding Hood

Merida, the Brave