MADLY IN LOVE. That’s what I would call Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant – a couple traveling all around the globe to find a perfect place to get married. For three years they set up for an adventure to drive and ship around the world in their 25 year old camper van “Peggy”. The mission is to experience different cultures and embrace their traditions, but, most importantly, pick a favorite place and have an official wedding there. So far Alex and Lisa have been married 29 times in places around Europe, Canada, United States and South America with more than 20 more weddings to go before their final nuptials in secret location. [Read more...]

It all began back in year 2000 when the couple met. And even though it didn’t work out at first, after several years they caught up again and knew that was IT. Within few months Alex and Lisa started to plan the wild trip – they sold their house, business and packed all their lifes into boxes. Now it’s the second year of the journey and it doesn’t seem that any of them would be tired or unhappy. Only problem that might occur is the hard time choosing their favorite place… Which one would you choose?


Wedding No. 1 in Didsbury, England

Vineyard Wedding at St Agnes Chapel, Canada

Lake Wedding at Honeymoon Lake, Canada

Horseback Wedding in Banff, Canada

First Nation Wedding in Nanaimo, Canada

Hawaiian Wedding at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, Hawaii

Wedding at the Pike Place Market, Seattle

Halloween Wedding in Hollywood

Drivethrough Wedding in Las Vegas

Mayan Wedding in Mexico

Mopan Wedding in Belize

Spanish Wedding in Antigua, Guatemala

Xaman Wedding in Antigua, Guatemala

Valentines Day Wedding on the Beach in El Salvador

Topless Wedding in the Embera Tribe, Panama

Farmer Style Wedding in Villa de Leyva, Colombia

Andean Wedding in Urubamba, Peru

Fisherman Style Wedding in Horcon, Chile

Tango Wedding in the Streets of San Telmo, Argentina

Wedding Map

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