This is the 5th Edition of the Colour wheel calendar designed by London based Creative ghin. The poster is a typographical exploration of the conventional calendar. Using the colours of the colour wheel to separate the months, it is a Gregorian calendar that also incorporates a fully comprehensive graphical lunar cycle, solstice and equinox ring, as well a simplified Chinese calendar. Together this information is envisaged into a circle allowing you to view the whole year at a glance. If you dare to mark it with a white pen, you will be able to see the rhythms of your life. [Read more...]

Ghin designed the Colour wheel calendar due to his frustration with the way calendars only allowed him to view units of seven days or a month at a time. It came to him in a dream while studying gamelan in Bali 2008, the design lays out the calendar on a single page, making it possible to view the whole year at a glance. This enables the viewer to start making new associations between events and time in general.


Each Colour Wheel Calendar is 59.5 cm x 65 cm and Lithographically printed on 170gsm semi gloss paper, and shipped in 2.5mm thick postal tubes to ensure extra durability during transit.

Each Calendar includes fully integrated lunar phase cycle for each day and daylight indicator, marking the equinoxes and solstices.

Moreover, it gives you a simplified Chinese calendar and Hebrew, Chinese, Hindu, Buddhist, Gregorian and Islamic year count.

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