I always loved the power, depth and elegance of black and white. The use of ink, unlike graphite for example, allows to get a very intense black and strong contrasts, giving the illustrations a unique expressive power. I draw illustrations and comics in black and white since I was a child, now I discovered the charm and impact of large format combined with an original technique.

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The subjects of this (ongoing) series are pieces of design history and contemporary industrial aesthetics. Each of them expresses from time to time genius, irony, style, talent, simplicity, memory. I wanted to turn these objects into artworks: drawings are a magnification of each piece as a tribute to its elegance and personality.

My process is quite simple: I choose and photograph the subject, draw the outlines in pencil and then meticulously reproduce it with thin technical black ink pens on rough grain paper, laying layers of ink in a repeating pattern of little circles. The result is a refined artwork with a strong individuality, both hyper-realistic and vibrant in a unique way.

All drawings are original, handmade one-of-a-kind pieces that take from 50 to 250 hours to be completed.

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