My name is Maria De La Croix. I’m 27 years old. A few years ago I applied for a job at Starbucks. They turned me down because they didn’t like my blue hair. Which was sort of a problem for me, since I had no money and lived on 6m2.

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Together with some friends I built my own café. The idea was to brew coffee right on the street where it was served (freshness is roughly 100% of the secret to great coffee). We would be organic like you couldn’t freakin’ believe.

Two years later, our little café Wheelys have transformed into a chain of organic cafés and we’ve sold cafés to 72 countries (yes – we now have cafés in more countries than Starb****) and I think I am the only CEO of a global food chain with Blue Hair (Pantone #42386).

Below is a video of me outselling Starb****.

Never give up.

More info:

Our cafés is on bikes. Which mean we can get the best spots around the world

Today we have over 700 cafés in more than 70 countries. This is a picture from Shanghai China.

Our coffee is 100 % organic. And our cafés have zero carbon footprint

Wheleys in Phoenix, USA

I still have blue hair

Maria vs Star*****