Grief, anger, acceptance, art: my journey as an autism parent has been and continues to be full of winding turns and hills and valleys.

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I love my son unconditionally, as the beautiful, hilarious, challenging, and charming person he is. I worry endlessly about his future, though, and there are days when it's hard for us to like each other (though the love never goes away).

To me, the greatest gift of his autism isn't his math wizardry or perfect pitch; it's the unique and poetic way he looks at the world. In my photography, I wanted to create a tribute to that perspective and the reality of our day-to-day life.

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#1 The Other You, The One Who Sees Me

The Other You, The One Who Sees Me

In this reflection image, my son is looking right at me. That's something he never does. Somehow, the barrier of the glass wall let him see me. I often sometimes think wistfully about this version of him, the one behind the glass. I love him the way he is, but I'd give anything to embrace the boy behind the barrier.


#2 He Hears The Grasses Whisper

He Hears The Grasses Whisper

One of the core characteristics of autism is differences in sensory processing. The world can be overwhelming with so many sounds and sights and smells. But this can be a gift too; my son experiences the world in a way I never will.


Byron Gates Jr 4 months ago

An amazing image, a perfect photograph of a perfect child...b

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#3 Winter Dream

Winter Dream

I often feel like there is something separating my son and me. We can see and hear each other through this barrier, but we can't quite touch. Here, I photographed him through a sheet of ice to symbolize that experience.


#4 Focus


One of my son's great gifts is his ability to focus completely on something. A puzzle, a musical instrument, the way the light makes colors in the clouds... He can put all of himself into what he loves, and I try to do the same in my interactions with him.


Celental Midnight 4 months ago

Beautifull!!!! I am glad that you use pictures to show that autism isn't a scary weird thing but in fact a gift!!!! I should know because I am autistic.

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#5 Head Under His Wing

Head Under His Wing

Photographing someone with autism isn't always easy, but that's because a good portrait is about emotional connection. To connect with someone on the spectrum, it helps to enter his world. Here, he's pretending to be an owl, and owls are his current area of special interest.


Victoria 4 months ago

You can definitely see the emotional connection in all your photos.

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#7 Spectrum



Erza 4 months ago

Beautiful collection of photographs. I love the title for this one.

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#10 Winter Is Here

Winter Is Here


Harvey Tydeman 4 months ago

well... Farther always promised

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