The sight-hounds normally live for 12 to 14 years. In Ireland, the majority of them will only live for 3 to 4 years. This is because greyhounds are just consumables here.

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Every year a few thousands of greyhounds are retired from racing and coursing. No longer required, they are dumped, abused, abandoned or killed. Greyhounds are the most abused of all breeds of dogs. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find homes for them in Ireland as greyhounds are not seen as pets here.

Great Hounds In Need is trying to find new homes abroad, mostly in the Czech Republic. Their aim is to show people that sight hounds are amazing, lovely natured creatures that can make wonderful pets.



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Paul from GHIN and Rosie from Roscrea SPCA with Kava, a 2 years old greyhound rescued from Waterford Dog Pound

Kava is now in a foster home.

Greyhound puppies are seen at the owner’s place.

They were photographed on a day when two adult dogs were surrendered to GHIN. Their owner hopes that these are his future racing or coursing champions. How many of them will end up being surrendered?

Greyhound puppies are seen at the owner’s place

The owner agreed to keep surrendered dogs until their transport was departing to the Czech Republic.

Duke, approx. 3 years old lurcher,was surrendered by his owner as he was not good for hunting

Duke was later diagnosed with a thyroid cancer and is seen being checked by Alan Ahearne from the Southview VeterinaryHospital in Clonmel after a successful operation. Duke is now in his new home in Dublin.

Paul from GHIN is seen with Bobby, an ex racing greyhound

Bobby was put on a transport going to Sweden and Finland where he has found his new home.

Brandon, approx. 2 years old, ex-coursing greyhound is seen being transported from the Suirside Veterinary Clinic in Carrick on Suir, Co. Tipperary

Brandon was one of the dogs brought to the Clinic to be put to sleep. The vet convinced the owner to save them and surrender to GHIN.

Some of the dogs are seen chilling at GHIN headquarter

Each dog needs to be micro-chipped, vaccinated, rabied, need to have a passport and every adult has to be neutered before they can be transported to their new homes abroad

GHIN resident dogs are seen saying goodbye to the dogs departing to their new homes

Lyrika, approx. 2 years old greyhound was taken from Wicklow dog pound. She was pregnant and she later gave birth to five lively puppies

Some of the dogs are seen chilling at GHIN headquarter