This guy probably hasn’t spent a won on a passport picture ever. All he has to do is use his magically talented hands and a few buckets of paint. Korean artist Kang Kang Hoon is a hyper-realism genius who paints oil paintings that look so much like photographs, it’s  hard to tell the difference even when you’re looking at a close-up. Hoon takes every hair, pore, wrinkle, reflection and shadow and works on it for hours until it looks totally real. [Read more...]

On top of that, every subject of these painstakingly detailed creations is donning some sort of strange accessory – from hair curlers or a diving mask to ice-cream on their heads or paper grenades. As the artist states himself, “through the imagination, I want to express the harshness of the real word, step into reality, and awaken the senses. Moreover, through my paintings, I want to depict the modern person who dreams of an escape from his inner turmoil.” So prepare yourselves to be wowed and awed by a human genius!


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