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Haunting Black and White Portraits of Homeless People by Lee Jeffries

Photo series “Homeless” by Lee Jeffries will make you face the ones you neglectfully pass by everyday. Taken exclusively in black and white, each of these close-up portraits is incredibly detailed and capture life stories of homeless people on the streets of Europe and the US. You can get lost in the intense gazes, maps of wrinkles and scars, and all the emotional stories behind them. All this is captured despite the fact that the shot sometimes only takes a few seconds, as the “models” might get bored and change their minds.

Accountant by profession, a self-taught photographer from Manchester started his career in photography as a sports photographer, but changed his approach after one incident in London.. He once tried to take a picture of a young, homeless woman huddled in a sleeping bag among Chinese food containers: “She kicked up a right fuss! I was incredibly embarrassed and was faced with a decision – walk away, or go and apologize. I chose the latter and her story and subsequent images I took of her changed my approach to street photography forever.”

Lee typically tries to befriend his models first, and then gives them some money after taking the pictures. He also applies some post production to achieve the powerful effect: “I process, predominately through dodge and burn, to develop the mood of the eyes. It’s the eyes that attracted me to take the photograph in the first place and this is always the starting point for the emotional element of the image. I process with light and shadow in an almost religious way.”

Website:, LJ.

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  • Ann from houston

    O.O i love it

  • Sophie Si

    wow! No words…

  • Nouha Iz via Facebook

    Too much Photoshop !!

  • Romina Paula Chamorro via Facebook

    I would say “too much clarity”, but I think it adds to the images, they look more dramatic.

  • Steven Moore via Facebook

    Amazing stuff!

  • Carolyn Doyle via Facebook

    Oh my, so sad……so beautiful.

  • Andy Andreev via Facebook

    they are great

  • Elise Barron Cain via Facebook

    I am a Bored Panda!

  • Lontisko De Lisko Filomenini via Facebook

    Charlotte Wanderlust

  • Sheree Green via Facebook

    These are some of the most interesting, moving, and powerful portraits I’ve ever seen. His choice to use black & white is genius, and the textures are incredible. Would love to know more about these people and their life stories.

  • Witchypoo Palmer via Facebook

    amazing, sad but beautiful which is a hard thing to rtray

  • Reuben White via Facebook

    incredible. It reminds me of Sabastiao Salgado’s series; ‘Workers’.

  • Igor Tumasov via Facebook


  • Quentin Tarantilo via Facebook

    so much pain..

  • Katarzyna Kitty Willemse via Facebook

    Amazing portraits! Must see.

  • Zissy Rozen via Facebook

    This is art at its best! Fantastic! So sad and beautiful at the same time! WOW!

  • Kathie Hoblitzell via Facebook

    These are SO IMPORTANT please watch……..

  • Neil Bremner via Facebook

    Lee Jefferies????

  • Cecilia Zino via Facebook

    Beautiful and terrible and human.

  • Anonymous

    great images of real people and come on who is going to pay the going rate of modelling fee some of these people may have alcohol or drug problems to much money for either could kill them…but a friendly chat a caring attitude and honest intentions can do wonders to a persons self esteem.

  • Shaheda Rizvi via Facebook

    Right on Emily– it goes something like this: ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than you’ve even ……?’ for each one has a story to tell of injustice; of ingratitude; of corruption; of greed but mostly of man’s ignorance….A+ Lee Jeffries –you numb my heart and arrest my soul!!

  • Nida Fatima via Facebook

    This is timless. Bowled me over completely.

  • Amber Lara

    Amazing! Great work!

  • Just Ray

    These are the faces

    These are the faces

    that have walked through seven hells

    in smells, bells, swells, sells,

    their story but seldom getting a nickel for it

    lost, invisible, unseen, out of sight

    and out of mind,

    “where the hell are you walking?

    you disgusting excuse for a human being,

    I’ll iphone the police and have you taken away”

    because your reminding me

    of something I don’t want to focus on, “hello?”

    that we all are just one step away

    from being like you.

  • rhcfoto

    Wow….. beautiful, disturbing, thought provoking, powerful images. Very interesting post. Reminds me of the great Dragan.