When we’re young, grandparents seem like superheroes with “endless candy” or “thrilling bedtime story” superpowers. But with age, we tend to grow out of such admiration. Our elders begin to seem grumpy, whiny and old-fashioned. A project called “Grey Power” by Design Academy Eindhoven student Yoni Lefevre challenges some of the stereotypes we believe about old people by showing that elders can be as hip and fun as young people.

For her project, Lefevre gathered four children, ages 10-11, and asked them to draw a picture of their grandparents just how they imagined them to be. The children’s colorful drawings seem to depict happy people full of energy capable of enjoying life and juggling a ton of things all at once. [Read more...]

Lefevre took the project even further when she then asked the seniors to pose for photographs that were arranged according to the children’s drawings. Costumes and settings were created to mimic the children’s drawings as closely as possible and bring them to life. “I hope to contribute to a more colorful and positive perspective on aging”, says Yoni. Check out her amazing work and, if you haven’t recently contacted your grandparents, give them a call! Trust me, they’ll appreciate it.

Website: yonilefevre.com | Photography: 040fotografie.nl

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