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Probably the most Beautiful Street in the World

Located in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegre, this gorgeous tree-lined street is said to be the most beautiful street in the world. Planted 70 years ago by German employees in a former brewery site, one hundred tipuana trees stretch approximately 500 meters. In 2005, some of the trees were almost cut down to make a room for a shopping mall, however, local residents forced the mayor José Fogaça to sign a decree making the street of Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho “historical, cultural and environmental heritage of the city.”

All photos ©Stephen Messenger (used with permission)

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  • Paula Victoria Salazar Guzman via Facebook

    Veremos algo asi en nuestra Guadalajara?..:(

  • AnnalisA Bruno via Facebook

    Wow. <3 Brazil.

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    (oops! sorry for the grammar mistakes in the description)

  • Egle Macerniene via Facebook

    Pritariu :)

  • Sable & Ox via Facebook

    We would have to agree with it’s status as one of the worlds most beautiful streets, what an enchanting sight.

  • Vassiliki Rizaki via Facebook

    so beautiful!!!

  • Jérémie Léger via Facebook
  • Robert C Rosenfeld via Facebook

    Washington DC and Bethesda MD during Cherry Blossom Season is much prettier.

  • Vlad

    Too bad about the cars, they’re ruin the feeling.

  • Bonnie Low NZ via Facebook

    Karey check this Gallery it links to Banksy

  • Gabriella Collins via Facebook

    LOVE this. Smart brewers they were.

  • Antônia

    It’s Brazil, it’s not shadowy because we have too much sun. It’s more confortable to have trees convering the sun, because it is extremely bright. also, it passes through the trees.

  • YellowFellow

    There are a lot of streets with young trees planted in them. Perhaps in 70 years, those streets will also look like this one.

  • David Bispo

    My country would be more beautiful if it were not for the corruption of the Brazilian Senate.

  • Elizabeth Boudreaux Lefler

    What a great bunch of wonderful pictures!!! I’m getting an unusual type of education, I love it. Thanks so much. Send more.

    Liz Lefler

  • Charles Giltner

    Some cities struggle for years to grow or protect their “canopy” streets. In our area there are significant fines for molesting a tree in a tree canopy street like this one. A wonderful thing that those former workers did back then, doesn’t make up for the Holocaust but still.

Author:   Date posted: Mar 21st, 2013
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