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Beautiful Friendship Between a Grandmother and Her Odd-eyed Cat

For over 13 years now, Japanese photographer Miyoko Ihara has been taking pictures of her grandmother Misao, in order to leave a living proof of the woman’s life. Eight years ago, though, Misao found a wonderful companion – an odd-eyed kitten that found his way to the shed.

The 88-year-old woman named him Fukumaru, which translated from Japanese roughly means “a circle of good fortune”. Misao and her odd-eyed feline friend have been doing everything together ever since. The woman still goes out into the fields every day, and Fukumaru follows her every step. They eat, rest, water the plants and do their chores together.

Seeing that the strong bond and love between the two shines out of every photo, Miyoko published a hard cover portrait album, called “Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat. Check out the pictures below and feel the rush of good emotions!


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  • bulljeanne

    I hope you continue to follow this story, I would love to see something every month. Really great picture story!

  • Jenny Seals via Facebook

    This is wonderful x

  • Shawntee Crystal via Facebook


  • Rosa Cambiaso via Facebook

    Lovely, really lovely. Very good photos, too.

  • Dieuwertje Ewalts via Facebook

    The last picture is the best!

  • Yong Mei via Facebook

    My god! Eyes are so odd… But very lovely pics

  • Erin Jacobson via Facebook

    David Bowie cat.

  • Lucie Skořicová via Facebook

    the cat is strange because of her wide nose/forehead… but she’s lovely and the story too :3

  • Elif Bilge Pasin via Facebook

    turkish van cat breed.

  • Sasha Diann Marshburn via Facebook

    What exactly is the strange feeling you have about this cat?

  • Bored Panda via Facebook

    The way it looks – I can’t help thinking that he has killed people

  • Yong Mei via Facebook

    Yeahhh! It looks like it has superpower…

  • Sasha Diann Marshburn via Facebook

    haha killed people lmao…man, cats are mischevious lol. u never know what all they have done lol. i love cats bc they have a mean side to them

  • Sanam Tamang via Facebook

    Lol “he has killed people” :D

  • Gen So via Facebook

    Haha :D Bored Panda, you’re so funny!

  • Cec Dennis-Lelean via Facebook

    Cats are people too :) What a special friendship <3

  • Sue Hudson Price via Facebook

    Fabulous to see!

  • Minh Mũm Mĩm

    so cute, i love it :)

  • Molly C. Corum via Facebook

    I agree, BEAUTIFUL .!!!!,

  • Lucie Vyhnálková via Facebook

    This made my day! Amazing, both of them :-)

  • Reesha Nursoo via Facebook

    Indeed great friendship! :-)

  • Shaagita Rajenthiran via Facebook

    This is just…..beautiful.

  • Daniel Omar via Facebook

    Ana Cristina Herrera Gonzalez

  • Lena Örnberg via Facebook

    Jättehärliga bilder!

  • Laura Enseki via Facebook

    If I ever become an old cat lady….

  • Catherine Graham

    Heart warming pics.An old onewith her beloved cat!

  • Maxfield Blue Wikoff-Witten via Facebook


  • Kiebitz

    Just photographs. But telling so much …

  • sarahthecatlover12

    So cute! I love the last one and the one where they are sleeping.
    What a pretty kitty and a beautiful bond!

  • Larissa Booth

    that last one is by far my favourite :3

  • Katie Everett Traub

    so charming….especially the last pic with her hand and kitty’s paw……

Author:   Date posted: Feb 1st, 2013
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