Have you ever wondered what will the planes of the future look like? Judging by the following futuristic plane designs, nothing like you’re flying in today! Check out this selection of 10 futuristic plane designs from contemporary designers and see for yourself.

1. Airbus X

This futuristic design by Airbus features multilevel passenger areas that are reminiscent of a cruise ship. (link)

2. Concept Plane by Georgia Institute of Technology

This concept by GA Tech students is the ultimate in fuel-saving and ultra-quiet technology. (link)

 3. Virginia Tech STINGRAE

Efficiency is the name of the game for this NASA contest winner from students of Virginia Tech. As a cargo plane, the design’s main goal was to maximize space while saving energy in the process. (link)

5. NASA Puffin Personal Aircraft

One of the most prevalent futuristic fantasies is that of personal flight.  This small concept aircraft gives everyone the potential to fly anytime, anywhere. (link)

 6. Boeing “Muppets”

Boeing created a host of “Muppet” concept airplanes, including the “Kermit Kruiser”, which focuses on reducing air noise with its unique rear wing structure. (link)

7. Airbus 2050 Concept

Flying across the sky like a gaggle of geese in formation, this image shows the Airbus 2050 concept plane in all its graceful, bird-like glory. (link)

8. KLM WB-1010 by Randy Allendra

This aircraft from KLM would use a combination of helium and jet power, blending traditional airships with modern jets. (link)

9. Sirius by Scarab Aviation Lab

This small, three-occupant plane from Scarab Aviation Lab is a total rework of the small passenger plane.  Its insect-like appearance is sure to inspire UFO watchers across the continent. (link)

10. Concept Plane by Anoop M

This concept takes the idea of an airplane to a whole new level, featuring a whip-like, stingray-inspired tail. (link)

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