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21 Creative and Funny Halloween Costumes For Pets

In all the excitement surrounding creative Halloween costume ideas, people often forget that there’s a whole other world of costumes that can be forgotten – costumes for our pets. If a pet’s Halloween costume is both creative and comfortable for our animal friends to wear, both we and our pets can enjoy it.

The ways in which these pet owners have approached decking out there animals is as diverse as the pets and animal owners themselves. Some matched the pets to costumes based on the color of their pets’ skin or fur, while others made them resemble pop culture characters that were based on their species in the first place.

When designing a Halloween costume for a pet, it’s important to ensure that it is comfortable and/or unobtrusive for the pet to wear. Otherwise, the pet will probably do whatever it can to destroy the costume and neither you nor the animal will have a good time. The animals in these pictures seem like they aren’t bothered too much by the costumes, making them seem even funnier (or more fearsome).

1. Cerberus Guardian Dog

Image credits:

2. Skeleton Horse

Image credits: knotjustrope

3. Bat Cat

Image credits:

4. Vampire Hedgehog

Image credits:

5. Crocodile Dog

Image credits:

6. Super Husky

Image credits: DailyMail

7. Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” Dog Costume

Image credits:

8. Mario Cat

Image credits:

9. Nyan Cat

Image credits:

10. Classy Crab

Image credits:

11. Indiana Bones

Image credits: Dean of Photography

12. Blastoise Pokemon Turtle

Image credits:

13. Dog(s) Carrying Presents

Image credits:

14. Batman Cat

Image credits: unknown

15. Mother Goose

Image credits: unknown

16. Lion Cat

Image credits:

17. Classy Python

Image credits:

18. AT – AT Dog

Image credits:

19. Frog Cat

Image credits:

20. Bearded Dragon Dressed As A Dragon

Image credits:

21. A Ghost (Definitely Not A Dog)

Image credits:

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  • Screwball

    LOL!! Number 11 is supposed to be Indiana *Bones*…not just some random cowboy!!!

  • Jonas Andersson

    Ping Mathilde Carolina Matilda Erika

  • Sarah Carroll

    Alice Handy

  • Amanda Rolim

    Ana Clara

  • Natalia Franczak

    Joanna <3

  • Ana Clara Rolim

    mds muita fofura

  • Mark C N Sullivan

    Clare Sullivan, William Sullivan

  • Paul Hamilton

    Holli Cooper

  • Federica Lovecchio

    Giulia *O*

  • Agnieszka Kotlewska

    so sweet !

  • Marilena Meier Buendía

    I think that this is just stupid cruelty to animals, and the only purpose for doing so ist to take a photo of it which the owner of the pet can than proudly share on fb…its not funny, imaginative or creative at all.

  • Ken Morrison

    This reminded me of a crazy fact that I learned this morning. THe USA will spend $7 Billion this holiday season on costumes……for pets!

  • Marco Motu Colombo

    Eva Leilande

  • Tume Luukkanen


  • Andrea Santo

    Liliana Santo Paula Besteiro Germán Sánchez Paula Dagostino

  • Jessica Jaw

    Shaik Hasan Abdul Wahed So so cutee

  • Dawn Morra

    Deirdre, Donna

  • Laura Barrow

    SO COOL !

  • Ristanovic Benic Dara

    To my dear PeerPeer Sringami and Tuna Yui Piamkulwanich and Vicha Liewchirakorn and Uma, be creative for the crazy day

  • Mónica Cardenal Arenas

    David Rosal!!! Jujuju

  • Mindy Tanaka VonFriedrich

    Corrin Culhane, this made me think of you! :-)

  • Emma Pearson

    who has a pet hedgehog?

  • Katy Straw

    Love the last one (definitely not a dog).

  • Ashley Cadiz

    Jovi Fontenot

  • Marie Malyon

    Miley Cyrus wrecking ball pug costume hahaha!!!

  • Maria Lesan

    hilarious – i loved the skeleton horse…

  • Karen Ginder

    love “bat cat”

  • Syretta Hooker

    These are all super cute x

  • Tom Hill

    Simon Martin call Mel Allen quick!! :-)

  • Aveline Neo Huipeng

    Pity number 7 hahah

  • Jeff Lewis

    OMG! What has happened to me? I actually spent time reading this shite. E.C.T. NOW! Max Voltage!

  • Masoud Sanati


  • Wanger Koehler

    Érika ahuahuhau

  • Sara de Bruin

    Is dit wat voor jullie Harry Balzac Robbert Lagerweij en Jennifer Leyendekkers?

  • Robbert Lagerweij

    Hij is al een tijdje vermist Sara de Bruin… *sigh*

  • Lynn Caldwell

    All of them, Super Husky would lead, taking direction from Classy Crab XD

  • Hania Kocka

    Dogs with gifts ! And husky superman

  • Olenka Anions

    aw! amazingly cute!

  • Vira Citra

    cc Rena Sumanohara

  • Ann Trueman

    Aaron Taylor number 3!

  • Laurie van der Hijden

    The last one is Maddie the Coonhound!

  • Mindi-lou GB

    Ida Galván Super-Jara Pizza-Cat

  • ayana mahadeo

    I just love all!!!!!!! Sooooooo funny and Cool