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16 Awesome Food Art Ideas

Every one who’s ever tried feeding a baby knows how important it is to make the food look nice and funny – especially if it’s broccoli or porridge… This is because the looks of your food constitutes a great part of the overall pleasure of eating. But if you manage to turn your noodles into Chewbacca, or can make a plate of Angry bird sandwiches, hardly anyone could say no to that!

To get your creative juices flowing, we made a list of 16 creative food art examples. Some of you will recognize the works of Hong Yi, the young Malaysian artist did an awesome 31 day food project where she was creating one beautiful piece of food art each day. However, you don’t have to be a professional artist to do this.

If you don’t know where to start, you came to the right place – these should leave you hungry enough to start cooking right away!

1. Chewbacca Noodles

Image credits:

2. Hot Dog Mummies



Image credits:

3. Sleeping Rice Bear

Image credits: unknown

4. Eggregation


Image credits: scalvert

5. Hot “Dogs”


Image credits:

6. “All you need is love…”

Image credits: Hong Yi

7. Hairy Sausage


Image credits: englishrussia

8. “Hot” Chicken Wings


Image credits: Heinz

9. Vegetable Face

Image credits: Alex J Jefferies

10. Pasta Nest


Image credits: Crafty Moods

11. Sausage Flower


Image credits: unknown

12. Octopus


Image credits: unknown

13. Panda Sushi

Image credits: Jimmy Choo

14. Angry Birds Sandwiches

Image credits:

15. Curry Onsen


Image credits:

16. Octopus Sausages


Image credits:

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  • Bine Riedl via Facebook

    Panda Sushi….

  • Thorbjørn Chiloux Fessel via Facebook

    awesome !

  • Enora Lebret via Facebook

    wahh Morgane Etrillard

  • Anna Pawęzka via Facebook

    chewie <3

  • Petra Kőrössy via Facebook

    Vágvölgyi Sára

  • A cut above the retsy – The best of Etsy via Facebook

    If I liked sushi, I’d eat the pandas! How creepy is that vegetable face??

  • Reesha Nursoo via Facebook

    hah the octopus i love :) and sushi

  • Shelley Case via Facebook

    Hot Dog Mummies!

  • Morgane Etrillard via Facebook

    han la

  • Vágvölgyi Sára via Facebook

    Petra Kőrössy az az all u need is love téma jöhet meg a panda Sushi Tessssi<33

  • Rubens C. Gatto via Facebook

    Muito bom para incentivar as crianças a comer. Notadamente o prato com asas de frango! rsrsrs

  • Ali López via Facebook

    Panda sushi!

  • Caroline Corsand via Facebook

    hum! C’est mignon et appétissant!

  • Neeve Y. Coughln via Facebook

    Octopus Sausages :D

  • Shona Morris via Facebook

    Such fun!

  • Kathie Hoblitzell via Facebook

    Krysta the girls would love most of these.

  • Gale Hayward Kaffka via Facebook

    Looks like a pile of worms

  • Anonymous


  • Kara O’Brien

    So food-art? wouldn’t that be fart?

  • bassetthound

    #9 isn’t real – just a drawing

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