People can have various passions and hobbies, but floating? Well that’s definitely an odd one. Not to Natsumi Yowayowa, known by the Floating Japanese nickname, whose passion is taking levitating self-portraits.

Natsumi takes these pictures using her Canon’s self-timer, or asks a friend to press the shutter button if she wants to position herself further away from the camera. The self-timer gives her 10 seconds to get to the spot and make the jump, but this way she usually has to re-do it over and over again. [Read more...]

Photographer, who’s already been featured in The New York Times, says that her “photos are supposed to emphasize the natural flow of time.” Natsumi trains her body in order to be able to get into a naturally-looking pose every time she jumps, so that her body would look as if it were actually levitating.

For more amazing levitation shots visit her website:

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