Russian photographer Irina Popova has stirred waves of controversy with her “Another Family” photo series, which delves into the life of a family living in the dark underbelly of modern Russia. She has captured the family life of little 2-year-old Anfisa and her drug-addict parents, raising a difficult question –  is the photographer an impartial observer and communicator of truth, or must she, as a human being, intervene in the little girl’s life? [Read more...]

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The series began when Popova ran into Anfisa’s mother Lila in the streets of St. Petersburg in 2008. Lila was totally drunk but had a baby in a stroller. Lila agreed enthusiastically when Popova asked her about doing a photo shoot and even invited the photographer back to her apartment, where she met Lila’s boyfriend Pasha and their daughter Anfisa. She spent two weeks in their terribly run-down and messy apartment, where the couple partied constantly.

The raw and provocative images speak both of dangerous negligence and of enduring familial love – sometimes in the same image. Some have been outraged by the parents’ negligence and have demanded that the girl be removed from her dangerous surroundings.

Source: (via: demilked)

“Pasha and his guest are too aggressive against society in a punk-culture-style.”

“Anfisa is playing with the cigarettees of her sleeping mother.”

“Lila is returning home from a night party with Anfisa sleeping in a baby pram. ”

Anfisa is seemingly in danger as she comes close to the window edge in her parents’ apartment. However, there’s a safety net that is not clearly shown in the picture.

“Anfisa is eating baby’s mix while her parents cleaning the room after occasional party.”

“Lila is asking car drivers on the parking for money, using her little daughter like an argument to give her money on the chilldren’s food.”

Lila and Pasha had an argument about money on the street. They went in different directions, but at the last moment, they both looked back.

“Lila and Pasha are resting on the pavement after a long-time period of drug-using and alcohol-drinking.”

Anfina was not taken from her parents and is attending kindergarten. Her mother, Lila, left the family. Her father, Pasha, now takes care of Anfisa.