Given the importance we affix to looking someone (or something) else in the eyes, it's no wonder that heterochromic creatures, or creatures with two different eye colors, are so striking. Though heterochromia is fairly rare in humans, its occurrence is far higher among animals, especially cats. Take a look!

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Heterochromia is a genetic trait that, depending on the creature it happens in, can be due to inbreeding, genetic inheritance or mutation. In some breeds of cats, like the Turkish Angora, heterochromia is a desirable trait that breeders try to maintain.

One cat in this list – Venus – is heterochromic due to chimerism, a different genetic trait that causes her body to express different pigmentation genes for each half of her body.



Ruby T Report

CyndieBeard 2 years ago

Those eyes are amazing!

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Venus Two Face Cat Report

EmmaTanglevine 2 years ago

this cat is awesome! love the black tortoise shell coloring...

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Arctix Fox

Cloudtail Report

Fran 2 years ago

An Arctic Fox. Gorgeous!

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People Always Tell Me My Cat Has The Most Beautiful Eyes Report

CinScott 2 years ago

Wow, I've never seen heterochromia is each eye like this on a cat! She looks like she has the cosmos in her eyes.

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Arctic Fox

Sean Gordon Report

emilykloos 2 years ago


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Kurt Rimkus Report

CindyGlocknerMcGarity 2 years ago

Wish we could have eyes like this

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Dog Report

CathrynSwallia 2 years ago


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Arctix Fox

Will Brown Report

KevinAndrewSinclair 2 years ago

cute thing





Cat With Heterochromia

Aisyah Duggie Report

ClaudiaTournier 2 years ago

bellisimos,quiero una mascota sarca