Life is not always easy. Sometimes it's crushing, dark and sad. Take a look at 100+ artworks by various artists and see how they feel or imagine depression.
Living with depression is hard, but it is treatable, so if you think that you might be suffering from depression, don't ignore the signs. Get help.

#1 Brain Sick

Brain Sick

Robert Carter Report

#2 Mind Devour

Mind Devour

The painting describes a person with psychological problems such as schizophrenia, insanity, depression or other mental problems. His endless screaming makes his own mind eat him up. I have periods in my life where I feel like this. I wanted to make an illustration of my thoughts and my pain within.

Sebmaestro Report

#3 Depression


Ajgiel Report

#4 Colorful Depression

Colorful Depression

lolitpop Report

#5 Stay


I create death-inspired love illustrations to cope with my depression.

Haenuli Shin Report