Halloween has come and gone but the costumes have remained. Klaus Pichler’s photo series “Just the Two of Us” features Austrian costume play (cosplay) enthusiasts photographed at home in their full attire.

A horned beast watching TV, a dragon playing piano, a unicorn taking a bath – it all sounds more like a hallucinogenic dream, but it’s actually the rather colorful reality of the people in Pichler’s portrait series. The main hook of his project is the contrast between the people’s extraordinary costumes and their often simple, domestic environments. Some of these fantastic characters are sitting in their kitchens or on their sofas while others are lying in bed or even ironing their clothing. [Read more...]

According to Pichler, “dressing up is a way of creating an alter ego and a second skin which one’s behavior can be adjusted to. Regardless of the motivating factors which cause somebody to acquire a costume, the main principle remains the same: the civilian steps behind the mask and turns into somebody else”.

When you come to think of it, we all have a second skin we sometimes slip into. Whether it’s a camera lense, a pile of make-up or a big, furry costume that helps us do it.

Website: kpic.at

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