#31 Santa Maria And The Easter Islands

Santa Maria And The Easter Islands

Marco Polo’s old ship has run aground the Easter Islands, and she now lies half buried in sand far from civilisation. Two of the cannons are still intact, but the mast lies broken across the railing

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#32 Trinidad – The Lost Coaster

Trinidad – The Lost Coaster

The coaster has wrecked on a sandbank and is broken in two. The many wreckage pieces, such as boxes and logs are spread out in the water and on the sandbank.

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#33 The Parrot

The Parrot

A big parrot with multiple levels inside is the new central play equipment on the playground.

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#34 The Monster In Bispeparken

The Monster In Bispeparken

The children in Bispeparken wanted a monster on the playground. MONSTRUM put up a trap and caught one.

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#35 The Large Cod

The Large Cod

The large cod is swimming in the eelgrass with tiny fish around him. It works as a combined climbing frame and hide out.

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