It was September 2014 and I was looking for new ideas for a New Year gifts catalogue. We’d made an awesome wooden gift box with Darth Vader gingerbread cookies and people loved them very much. But they wanted more! My partner asked for a Moomin gift box with Moomin cookies and I started to look for special cookie cutters. There weren’t any in our town or even in our country. So, we decided to make them ourselves. We didn’t know anything about cookie cutters but we had to have Moomin cookies!

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I drew a Moomin and a Totoro in Corel Draw, we made 3D-models of them and printed the first cutters. I used the classic recipe of gingerbread cookies and tried to bake my first batch cut with the cutters. They were both awful. The Moomin was very fat and missing one leg. The Totoro cutter didn’t cut dough at all. I re-drew them. There were eight attempts to draw and print good cutters! Gosh! It felt like a miracle when I opened the oven and saw the batch which was finally good.

This gives such a special mood. You bake cookies with your favourite character, open a bottle of red wine, watch a movie. You can have such a cosy evening.

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