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33 Clever and Creative Billboard Ads

By • May 2nd, 2011

Companies may use billboard ads to reach a specific location based audience, but in the end reach millions of people here on the Internet. Here are 33 amazing examples of unusual and creative billboard ads that actually managed to do that.

Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz (Part I)

By • Apr 20th, 2011

Viktor Hertz, a freelance Graphic Designer from Sweden, turned well known logos into “Honest Logos”. “Some are cheap, some might be a bit funny, some will maybe be brilliant. I don’t know.” says the artist.

15 Clever Fitness and Yoga Advertisements

By • Apr 11th, 2011

If you are into healthy living and guerrilla marketing, this post is a perfect combination of both of them. So, without further ado, we want to show you 15 most creative Fitness and Yoga Advertising examples.

11 Clever and Creative Tear-Off Ads

By • Mar 2nd, 2011

While serious companies rarely rely on tear-off advertising, it must be the most often used and wide spread advertisement types among common people since the invention of telephone. Usually, it’s just a plain white paper with tear offs containing contact information. However, today we want to show that even the most boring communication medium like tear-off advertisement can be used in such a creative way that those ads can end up on thousands of websites around the world and reach much bigger audience than than initially expected.

26 Brilliant Minimalist Print Ads

By • Jan 25th, 2011

Leonardo da Vinci once said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and even after 500 this rule is still widely used in design and advertising. It may sound a bit contradictory, but simple things often require much more brain power to create than the most complicated stuff. And it always strikes you when something completely simple is capable of conveying so much more than you expect. Without further talks, let’s take a look at 26 most creative and clever examples of minimalist advertising.

20 Cool And Creative Street Ads

By • Jan 4th, 2011

The main difference between street art and street advertising is that one can lead you to jail, while another can even earn you money. Which one you choose is up to you, but from marketing point of view, street ads have a lot of benefits.

15 Creative Guerrilla Marketing Ideas

By • Nov 25th, 2010

We’ve collected fifteen more clever examples of guerrilla advertising, so you can think of it as a “part III” of our creative advertising series. I promise – you’ll love it!

20 Most Creative Ads on Buildings

By • Nov 11th, 2010

You’ve probably already seen our huge list of World’s Strangest Buildings, and now it’s time to see how buildings can be creatively used in advertising.

Creative Uses of Handles in Transit Advertising

By • Oct 28th, 2010

After looking at 33 Cool and Creative Bus Shelter Advertisements, it’s time to move inside and check some great interior transit advertising examples. To be more specific, we’re talking about creative bus and subway handle advertisements.

33 Cool and Creative Bus Stop Advertisements

By • Oct 15th, 2010

It’s been a long time since we had our last post on advertising, so it’s a perfect time to look into the world of bus shelter ads. However, before jumping to the real world examples, let’s talk about it first…

Fast Food FAILS: Ads vs Reality

By • Aug 30th, 2010

So, I went to some fast food places, and picked up burgers/tacos, so I could compare them with the ads. I brought the “food” home, tossed it into my photography studio, and did some ad-style shoots. Needless to say, the results of my little project were unsurprising… which shouldn’t be a surprise.

Needless to say, the results of my little project were unsurprising… which shouldn’t be a surprise.