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Miniature Body Part Jewelry by Percy Lau

London-based designer Percy Lau creates tiny lifelike human body parts that can be worn as jewelry.

Her weirdly awesome accessories include little third ear, mouth, nose and even a tiny male genitalia. You can wear them as earrings, necklaces, and rings.

All of them are fun, but I’d pick the Little Third Ear earrings as they look incredibly cool when put in our big ears. The only thing they lack is the customization to match your actual skin tone.

You can get these weird body part accessories on Etsy for $24-$42.

What about you? Would you wear them?

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What do you think?

  • Lisa Dolloff Bernardo via Facebook

    I would not wear any of them, especially not the penis, but I still think they’re pretty cool.

  • Dilly Lachkim via Facebook

    whoa very freaky

  • Michael Sigler via Facebook

    that’s fucking creepy… apparently whoever wears these are just Polynesian headhunters or characters from ‘Gangs of New York’… weird…

  • Leandra Peguero Luciano via Facebook

    yes it’s kind of freaky…

  • Jamie McQuinn via Facebook


  • Lori Bollmann via Facebook


  • Jhn Blk Wlf via Facebook


  • Marta Mochalska via Facebook


  • Joselyn

    Me parece muy tonto

  • Jennifer Davis Pollock via Facebook

    They’d make cute gag gifts for specialists like ENTs or eye doctors.

  • Eugênio Augusto Brito via Facebook

    Rarararara, que estranho!

  • Knorrgb

    I’m not white. Do they make these for people with darker skin tones? Would appeal  to a mass market, METHINKS.

  • Anonymous

    lmao, if i walk around with ears and noses hanging around my neck, i have a felling people won’t exactly react to it sayin it’s smart and all. it will be more like, “OMG, freak!!” lol