While the winter is still here many artists and creative minds try to use Mother Nature’s ready-made canvases from ice and snow to express themselves.

The good thing about these wintry creative spaces is that there are a lot of this kind of “canvases” and art can be made almost anywhere. The downside, on the other hand, is that this art medium might melt quite fast, and the creative process always takes place under pretty harsh conditions, with the thermometer scale dropping down below zero. [Read more...]

Thank god people have the possibility to capture their creations on camera before they melt down! So without further ado, here are 12 literally cool examples of things made using ice and snow.

(List inspired by flaviaorwire.com)

1. Minimum Monument by Nele Azevedo

1,000 little seated ice figurines were made in order to melt in the heat of a day. The installation by Nele Azevedo in Berlin was meant to draw attention to the climate changes in the Arctic. The project lasted until every single little ice-man vanished from the stairs.

2. Giant Ice Ship by Rhea Thierstein

Vouge art director Rhea Thierstein  had this idea to create a giant ice ship for Vogue US. Even though some parts were fake, But the overall result turned out great, and the ship was quite spectacular.

3. Blue Ice The Ice Record Project

A band from Sweden the “Shout Out Louds” came up with a creative concept to release an icy “vinyl”. Their single “Blue Ice” inspired the whole idea and indeed was recorded into a playable ice disc. The track can be recreated on a record player but only a few chosen ones (fans and media) got the chance to use it. Here’s a video showing how it works:

4. World’s Largest Work of Art by Jim Denevan

Not only is it the largest work of ice, it’s also the largest work of art. Clearly it had to be done a big lake in order to have enough icy space for the artwork. The artist Jim Denevan chose Siberia. The mission was quite challenging, it took 9 square miles of glistening ice in sub-zero temperature and freezing Siberian winds. But Denevan and his dare devil team completed the challenge with grace. Here’s a trailer of the documentary created about the largest piece of art:

5. Rainbow Igloo

By the request of his mother-in-law, a young New Zealander had to create a Rainbow Igloo in Canada. Daniel Gray took his dare pretty seriously. It took almost 500 vibrantly colored ice bricks and 150 hours of building the one of a kind igloo. Here you can learn How To Build a Rainbow Igloo Using Milk Cartons yourself.

6. Snow Palette

Japanese artist Toshihiko Shibuya created an installation “Snow Palette”. He constructed giant pastel-colored discs that lit up the snow underneath them. These discs reflect sunshine directly onto the snow creating the image of glowing oversized candies on the white background.

7. Ice Chimes

Ice Chimes is a 20-foot-tall sculpture that reacts to weather conditions. Created by Keith Moskow and Robert Linn, the sculpture produces various sounds from collecting ice and snow. The “Ice Chimes” collects snow and then melts it with its’ heated coils. The melted mass drips down through series of holes, creating icicles. These icicles sway along with the winds until finally break off. They crash into the metal collection bucket where the sound is developed. Seems like a long process, but this is how the winter makes music.

8. Trampled Snow Art by Simon Beck

Simon Beck really likes to take long walks in the snow. But the time he spends for these walks is never wasted. He ingeniously tramples  the snow with his snowshoes, creating magnificent and at the same time massive art installations. One piece of art can reach up to 500 feet in diameter, taking up to 10 hours of creating and walking around. His secret hides behind his profession – Beck is an orienteering mapmaker.  Here you can read more about his Incredible Trampled Snow Art.

9. Imprinted Snow

Luke Aleckson, a professor at Northwestern Collage in St. Paul, MN,  found a way how to give a new texture to the snow. He used the already known conventional print-making method onto the snow. The outcome is a pretty interesting mixture of texturized snow patterns.

10. Snow Drawing by Sonja Hinrichsen

Another snow-drawer Sonja Hinrichsen creates amazing large scale drawings on the snow. She and 5 volunteering helpers create interesting but temporal art pieces. Here you can learn more abou Snow Drawing by Sonja Hinrichsen.

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