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Bat House by Estres Studio

I’m not sure if bats would recognize the symbolic shape of the entrance hole, but this work by Estres studio is definitely capable of putting a smile on the viewers’ faces. From their website: “Mus as an ornamental object, recreates an upside down jail and represents the bats’ lost homes. An animal that has been vilipended by man, with a fundamental role in our environment and hitherto a terribly endangered species.”


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  • Potatotea

    We made special houses for bats to attach to the barn for summer insect control; they will not live in bird houses or anything shaped like a birdhouse.

    Cute, but doesn’t do the task for which it was made. With the size of that opening I doubt birds would feel comfortable living there either.

Author:   Date posted: Jan 13th, 2012
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