Barbie doll is arguably the most famous idol that almost every girl has grown up with. More than that, many probably also envied her modelesque looks and carefree lifestyle. But imagine if you actually got all that – in that case you’d be forced to walk on all fours because your over-sized head would be impossible to lift! It’s clear that Barbie’s anatomy is based on wishful, if not deluded thinking. Artist Nickolay Lamm decided to show how far apart the looks between the doll and an average 19-year-old woman are (as determined by CDC). [Read more...]

After two months of work he released a 3D printed model and the difference with mass-production Barbie doll was shocking – starting with heights (according to CDC, an average American 19-year-old is 64,29 inches high, while Barbie is 5 inches taller), and then all the way throughout the figure – you can see that Barbie’s proportions with an 18-inch waist remind of an anorexic. Explaining his reasons, Lamm says: “I want to show that average is beautiful. If Barbie can look good as an average woman, why doesn’t Mattel make one?”


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