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Mind-Boggling Illustrations by Oscar Ramos

“Escher on steroids” – this is how some commenters describe the illustrations by Oscar Ramos. In his latest project Ad+, Chilean artist shows that it’s possible to merge two completely different things with such smooth transition that you hardly notice how a baggy Converse turns into a paradise island in the same picture.

Also known by his nickname Piensa Positivo (“think positive” in Spanish), Oscar specializes in character design and photo manipulation. The creator of these mind-bending illustrations says his inspiration came from Maurits Cornelis Escher, a Dutch graphic artist, who classic perspective-defying works are known worldwide.

Be sure to check out Oscar’s website for more!


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  • Badigoince Mordorée via Facebook

    faudrait les mettre à l’endroit! :-)

  • Andrei Budu via Facebook

    Old news I posted this in my profile months ago.

  • Nikhil Ramtohul via Facebook


  • Derpy

    Escher style. I like it.

  • Gregor O’gorey via Facebook


  • Jaina Kumar via Facebook

    Rouf Shaikh Zoheb Hussain

  • Jaina Kumar via Facebook

    Nandu Sakharkar

  • Ruth Cheshire via Facebook

    like Escher :)

  • Julie Walls via Facebook

    this is different.

  • Prince Ali Shah via Facebook

    osum creativity

  • Eric Felipe

    Very creative, the transition of the lines gives an effect very genial *–* I loved!

  • LandofDave

    It’s good but just and expansion of Escher

Author:   Date posted: Feb 7th, 2013
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