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What others say about us:

“There are interesting websites out there and then there is” - The Beaufort

“Hours of Entertainment on a rainy day. It’s the stuff you get emailed and wonder “where did this come from?” - M. Hanson

“Boredpanda’s got classy, nerdy, satirical humor, much like pandas indeed. ” - Vertical Cloud

“Recommended not just for the bored – or the pandas – but for also for anyone wanting to see some nice thought-provoking images” - Will McCulloch

Perfect Opportunity

We have an average readership of 10 million unique visitors per month generating 30 million of page impressions. Most of them come from USA, UK and CANADA .

So, if you have a story, a product or some weird artworks that are cool enough for pandas – it is a perfect opportunity for you to get noticed. Click here and share it with everyone else!

What is Panda?

Possibly the greatest animal that God put on this earth. Usually very cute and cuddly, they generally spend their lives eating bamboo and sitting on their haunches. Their population is very low due in part to the fact that they are too lazy to have sex.

And the Lord came unto the Earth and made the Panda to his likeness. And HE spake, saying, “Thou shalt be of a cheery disposition and be loved by all.” And the Lord smiled upon the Panda and gave it a branch of bamboo. (Panda 13:22)

And the Lord came unto the cheery Panda and spake, saying, “Although thou art a peaceful critter, thou shalt defend yourself furiously when attacked and rippe the limbs from thine enemies and make them wish they had never been born…” (Panda 15:10)


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