Do you know your favorite TV shows inside and out? The startup Drawbotics invites you to put this to test with these incredibly detailed 3D floor plans.

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After 200+ hours of binge-watching their favorite TV shows, the team at Drawbotics combined their 3D skills and love of TV to create seven 3D floor plans of famous TV shows.

To make fan bases happy, they made sure to include loads of humorous details that only the most hardcore fans would pick up on. Will you manage to spot them?

P.S. Click on image source to see the bigger image.

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#1 The Office (US)

The Office (US)

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Povilas Leipus 1 month ago

accounting sits in the opposite side of the room than it is now

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#2 Parks And Recreation

Parks And Recreation

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Teresa 1 month ago


#3 The It Crowd

The It Crowd

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Bella 1 month ago

good morning, that's a nice tnetennba

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#4 Brooklyn Nine-nine

Brooklyn Nine-nine

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#5 Mad Men

Mad Men

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#6 Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

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#7 Suits


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Steffen Beth 1 month ago

Does not look right.... where is the reception area, the elevator area with the names on the wall, Rachels office, all the office space that was rented out to the traders....

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