#11 Book Pity

Book Pity

Marzi Report

Lilya 9 months ago


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#12 Secret Library Thoughts

Secret Library Thoughts

Marzi Report

Justin time 9 months ago

When the 50 shades of grey fandom was growing my sister asked to borrow my library card, went into the library a few days later only to find out she'd checked 12 submissive erotic novels out! I was mortified!

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#13 Long Weekend

Long Weekend

Marzi Report

Fandoms Rise 9 months ago

I absolutely hate it when this happens. Not only is my local library the place I get books from, it is the place where I can get the internet. I have a tablet at my house but I can barely do anything on it. In fact, I am typing this at the library right now. Yeah, I get it when their closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving but my aren't they open on Memorial Day and Columbus Day and stuff?

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